To meet each clients individual needs Cincinnati Massage Therapy Group offers a range of services and treatment plans. These include: Neuromuscular TherapyDeep Tissue MassageSports MassageSwedish MassageWorkers Compensation and Automobile Accidents.

In addition we offer Corporate Chair Massage packages for companies wishing to enhance their competitive edge! Designed to fit nicely into your workday, our chair massages take place in your office.

Neuromuscular Therapy

An advanced method of soft tissue therapy for the relief of pain and specific problems. Postural imbalances are identified and addressed through site specific massage. Neuromuscular Therapy reduces pain, lengthens and strengthens tissues and improves postural imbalances. This technique is the sum of three fundamental components: accurate assessment, precise treatment and positive results.

Deep Tissue Massage

Simply stated, Deep Tissue Massage is bodywork concentrated on the deeper tissues of the body. The session begins with general Swedish techniques to warm and prepare the body for deeper work. It doesn’t have to be painful, but requires communication between the therapist and client to determine that the level of pressure is appropriate and comfortable for the client. Deep Tissue Massage can break down adhesions, loosen connective tissue and increase range of motion.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is typically used before and after athletic events. This massage technique prepares the muscles for peak performance by promoting flexibility, reducing tension and alleviating stress. Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior incorporating massage into your conditioning program has many benefits. It can help you get in shape faster with less stiffness and soreness and shorten your recovery time.

Swedish Massage

This techniques is designed to increase circulation and blood flow. Swedish Massage increases the efficiency of your immune systems, nourishes your muscles and provides total relaxation. Stress reduction is only minutes away!

Workers Compensation

Did you know workers compensation covers massage therapy when ordered by your physician. Massage can be beneficial in soft tissue related injuries, decreasing pain and spasm. Have you been diagnosed with a work related injury, low back, shoulder or neck pain? Check with your physician to see if massage therapy is beneficial for you. Cincinnati Massage Therapy Group has two therapists who are providers of workers compensation and are available for you.

Automobile Accidents

Did you know that most automobile insurances cover massage therapy? Massage can be beneficial in soft tissue related injuries by decreasing pain and spasm and increasing range. Do you have an injury resulting from an automobile accident? Ask your physician if massage therapy is right for you. With a prescription from your physician, and verification of automobile insurance coverage you could begin treatment today.